Cody and Hailey

The owners who help bring your vision to life from start to finish!

Together they started CH Lonestar Laser Engraving in 2017 and then molded it into CH Lonestar Promo in 2018.

They put all of themselves into this company day after day and it shows!
They are committed to taking care of you and your business no matter how large or small.

Hailey Wilson

Hailey started this business out of her house, and now we have expanded to 3600 square feet and growing full of machines to make all of your merchandise dreams a reality.

Jordan Dean

Jordan joined the team shortly after Hailey and together they tag team building designs, quotes and customer happiness. 

Cody Hogan

Cody joined the team with his history of sales and people skills to make it a perfect trio! Together they built CH Lonestar into a name worth knowing, and a name you will want to get to know if you haven't already!

Megan Duchrow

If you want to reach out to CH Lonestar or hear from us you'll likely talk to Megan. She'll get to know what you want for your brand, and walk you through building a quote made just for you. She'll help build your perfect merch site and help manage the fulfillment side of it to make sure every customer is happy.

Heidi Goodwin

If you hear from us it will likely be Heidi's bubbly voice or text on the other end. Heidi stays connected on all of our social media platforms, she is always up to date on the next best trends to make your new style sell! 

Ashlyn Laird

Once your site is built Ashlyn, working with Kendall, will take care of the fulfillment side. Ashlyn will process every order and make sure it is sent out in a timely fashion. She works closely with the rest of the team to make sure every product sent out is one you will be proud of! 

Kendall Chauncey

Kendall takes care of the fulfillment side of our process. Kendall will work with you to make sure every site it up to date and if anything needs added to your site she's your girl!
Her mission is to make sure the product is correct and customer service is her top priority!

Tracy Miller

Tracy keep our shop going, between sewing hats, mixing custom inks, and making sure all orders are ready to print, she's the oil that keeps CH moving behind the scenes!

Thomas Herrick

Thomas is Mr. Embroidery.
He embroiders every hat, jacket, blanket and more that comes into the shop. He works our 6 head machine and ensures your order looks perfect and is delivered on time!

Stenson Hogan

Stenson is one of our press operators, part of the team that prints every single shirt that you receive. From the big orders to the single one merch order, he's your guy. With care for detail, constantly keeping a 8 and 6 head auto machines running smoothly. 

David Lugo

David is the other of our press operators. From the second your design is finalized he'll take over and bring it to the finish line. Working to ensure quality and on time delivery of your job.

Jonathan Blackmore

Jonathan is our lead designer, he started working with CH Lonestar Promo in the fall of 2020. Jonathan brings over 20 years of experience in custom design work for apparel, branding, marketing, websites, social media and more. He has worked with national retailers as well as athletes, musicians and celebrities. A Brit by birth, Jonathan has a passion for vintage Americana and western culture.
See Jonathan's work here

Holly McCool

Holly is a part of your sales team and will build and help design a quote and logo that is just right for you. She has been with CH Lonestar Promo for two years now. "Two years have flown by and I am happy to celebrate the success joining they team has been. I am looking forward to what the third year brings, the growth of business, building new relationships and helping bring our customer's dreams to life!"


Ale is our newest CH Lonestar Promo team member! She designs logos, helps with promotions for our customers and helps create the images for the sites. We look forward to many more years of growth with Ale's help!

The best team for growing your brand!